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5 Spring Fitness Tips

As Spring approaches, Images by Seb has some tips for you to achieve your fitness goals:

- Hydrate: As the weather gets warmer, you will need to hydrate more. Don't forget to pack water with you when you leave to exercise. Water will ensure your body works at optimal performance so you can take full advantage of your workout.

- No gear is needed: You don't need a gym to be fit. There are plenty of exercises you can do outdoors or at home without having to go to a gym. A run or bike ride on the Green Belt is also a great way to work on your cardio away from an indoor treadmill. You can also use your body weight as weights for your workout (i.e. push-ups)

- Stretch: Stretch is an important part of the recovery after a workout. Remember to stretch after your exercise as it will relieve the tensions in your muscles, increase your range of motion, and increase the circulation of blood flow through your body (these are just a few benefits of stretching!)

- Make it a habit: Exercise should be part of your routine. Whether it is daily, five or three times a week, whatever works for you, make sure you stick to a routine. Once it becomes a habit, your body will demand exercise and you will feel great and accomplished every time you workout.

- Enjoy the outdoors: Gyms are nice because they have almost everything you need. Consider outdoor activities as part of your workout routine. Being outside will help you mentally and physically. The sun will replenish your needed vitamin D and help your mood and energy level! Plus we have great scenery in Arizona!

If you are looking for fitness photos, please contact Images by Seb to schedule your session. Check out the Instagram account for more photos @imagesbyseb and also check out Chelsey's Instagram account @chelseybrookefitness who is a bikini competitor and a BANG Energy fitness model (photos of Chelsey below)

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