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Pose Ideas for Fitness Photos

As an athlete in College, I have always liked fitness and healthy living, so it is natural for me to integrate fitness photography to my portfolio. The photos below were made in an indoor studio setting with modeling lights and a flash for additional back light. The model is Brittany McGowan.

Brittany is a model located in Scottsdale, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. who has competed in several fitness competitions in the bikini division. Although she no longer competes, Brittany still trains 6 times a week with one day off to rest her body. A typical workout consists of cardio followed by lifting with a focus on a different body part each day. Brittany also incorporates kick boxing, Pilates, Zumba, and hiking to her fitness routine each week. Zumba is Brittany's favorite workout as she grew up dancing and she loves being on the stage. Running is also important to her, so it is also a big part of her workout.

Brittany keeps a healthy diet to keep up with her fitness level and her modeling but she also splurges at times... Tuna sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, protein shakes are part of her regular diet, but she has a soft sport for sushi, especially tuna rolls.

Contact me if you are interested in a fitness photo shoot or if you are interested in hiring Brittany for a photo shoot.

Images by Seb - Website - Wedding, Fitness, Fashion, Portrait, Maternity, Commercial/Advertising & Fine Art Photographer in Scottsdale, AZ

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