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How to stay Healthy in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of temptations. Not only the casinos and businesses want you to spend all of your money in their lucrative slot machines, attractions, shows, etc. they also incite you to make bad food choices!

Big signs are flashing everywhere with "all you can eat" buffets, greasy fast food, the M&M’s store, Coca Cola store, Hershey’s giant chocolate building, and of course the Heart Attack Grill where you can eat for free if you weigh more than 375 Lbs! How can you really stay healthy and fit while visiting Sin City? It seems nearly impossible.

Well, although it appears to be impossible, here are a few tips that can help you:

- First of all, take advantage of the walking in order to stay fit and healthy! It is typical to walk about 10-20 minutes from your car to you hotel room. The hotels are designed for the guests to walk through the casinos with poor directions for the hope that you give up and take a break on seat at one of the slot machines and spend more money. In addition, the distance between the casinos is quite impressive, and walking up and down the strip will take a while, so it is good for fitness and burning some calories.

- If you are an early riser, running up and down the strip in the early morning is great exercise. It is (almost) quiet, peaceful and you will have obstacles (stairs) along the way that will help increase your fitness level. I definitely recommend running in the morning if you have not partied all night, or just don’t go to bed until after the run… Otherwise, the hotel gyms are usually well designed with new fitness equipment and if you are lucky, the treadmills will be facing the large typical Las Vegas pools.

- Now, let’s discuss food choices. Yes, it is easy to make bad food choices in Las Vegas, but it is also possible to eat healthy, especially if you were able to get a room with a small kitchen or a fridge. During my last few trips, I have avoided the hotel breakfast and buffets by taking a short drive to the nearest Whole Foods. Whole Foods offers very healthy, often organic breakfast, lunch and dinner. My morning starts with a chocolate banana soy protein shake and either a fruit smoothie, fruits, or a coffee with soy or almond milk! There are also several Trader Joe’s and other supermarkets near the strip where you can find healthy food.

- Other tips to eat healthy:

o If you drive to Las Vegas, bring your Vitamix so you can make your own shakes and smoothies o If you have a kitchen, stock up the fridge and make easy but healthy food o If you go out to eat, ask for healthy options. Chefs in restaurants will often accommodate vegetarian or vegan options if you ask.

Whole Foods is located 2.5 miles away from the Excalibur, so it is really not a far drive for a healthy meal. Typically supermarkets and healthy/healthier restaurants are located right outside of the strip, so it is always a short and worthwhile drive to make.

More on this topic coming soon (including Yoga, Pilates, Running, Fitness, etc.)! Images by Seb promotes healthy living, fitness, nutrition, beauty and fashion through photography.

Images by Seb - Website - Wedding, Fitness, Fashion, Portrait, Maternity, Commercial/Advertising & Fine Art Photographer in Scottsdale, AZ

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