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If you are a model/actor/singer looking to refresh your Comp Card or an aspiring model trying to get into the modeling industry, Images by Seb can help you.

"What is a comp card?" A Comp card is short for composite card, which is used by actors and models for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. The size varies, but typically is 6”x9”, with a headshot on the front and 3-5 images on the back of the card. The purpose is to show as much variety as possible, so the casting director can envision you as different types. Ideally the images on the back should look like tear sheets from magazine ads. Comp cards are NOT just for models, and every actor should have one as well. Generally, a model’s comp card is editorial (like a spread in a magazine), while an actor’s comp card is lifestyle. Advertisers are always looking for attractive, everyday people to sell their products.

Please contact me to discuss and to book a session for your comp card. A composite card (3-5 looks) photo session will last 2-3 hours.

Images by Seb is a Wedding and Fashion Photographer located in Scottsdale, Arizona available for all weddings, including traditional South Asian / Indian wedding ceremonies and covers the typical multiple day celebration.

Images by Seb - Website - Wedding, Fitness, Fashion, Portrait, Maternity, Commercial/Advertising & Fine Art Photographer in Scottsdale, AZ

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