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Why use Black and White Photography

With millions of colors available with today’s technology and computers, you might wonder why we still see black and white photography… It is intriguing, but there are very compelling reasons for choosing black and white over colors photos. Below are just a few reasons…

  • Reduce distractions: Because there are millions of colors available, they can cause distractions on some pictures. Black and white photos work well for portraits as you can see below. In that instance, the black and white lets the viewer focus on the subjects rather than the surroundings, which has vivid colors. In the Pilates photo, the distraction from the wall, blinds and bars are reduced, and the Pilates pose and for are highlighted.

  • Create a different look: Even though a black and white format cannot be applied (and look attractive) to all pictures, it can be applied to any type of photography made any time of day and weather conditions. Fitness photography works well in black and white as mentioned above because it highlights the lines and the forms well. Other types of photography done in black and white can add a different look and some variety to your portfolio. In Fashion, black and white photography can make a photo look different, and sometimes classier. Architecture and landscape photography in Black and white often create dramatic effect. Definitely look at your photos in both color and black and white to see which you prefer…

  • Create a “old” look: I often use black and white (sometimes also Sepia) photography to add history to the photo. If you want to make a subject look like it is from the distant past, black and white is often the answer. Route 66 pictures below are a good example. It looks like some of the pictures were made a long time ago, even though they are recent.

In the last picture, the black and white includes all of the reasons above for choosing this format. It eliminate the background distractions and makes the viewer focus solely on the Jeep; it adds variety to my portfolio; and it create a sense of history with a dramatic effect. If you are a photographer, spend some time to revisit some of your pictures in black and white. You might like the look it creates, which is not always evident in a colored photo.

Images by Seb - Website - Wedding, Fitness, Fashion, Portrait, Maternity, Commercial/Advertising & Fine Art Photographer in Scottsdale, AZ

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