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Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

Landscape Photography is about being at the right place at the right time. Landscape and outdoor Photographers are dependent on elements they cannot control, but when these elements are aligned correctly, the results can be magnificent. When the conditions are right, three critical items stand out to making a great photograph:

- Composition: The frame has to be filled correctly. Most of the time, the rule of three will apply, but there are times when it can be ignored. So, when taking a picture, the photographer has to make sure to look at the composition to verify that nothing looks out of balance.

- Light: Light is what "makes or breaks" a picture. A picture taken at noon with strong light coming from the sun will look different than a picture taken right after sunrise or right before sunset. You need to be aware of the intensity of the light and its effect on the objects you are trying to capture.

- Story: What typically makes people look at a picture again and again is whether or not it has a story to tell. Look for elements around you to see if there is a story that can be told about the picture. It could be the shadow of a person or object, a storm passing through, cloud formations, etc.

It often takes patience to wait for the right time to capture a moment. In the instances below, it was overcast all day and I did not have much confidence that there would be any opportunity for a good picture. I still decided to set up my camera before sunset and wait. I waited 45 minutes to 1 hour as the sun was trying to send its rays through the clouds.

After a long wait, the light finally started to break through the scattered clouds and the layers of dust in the air, which illuminated the majestic scenery of Lake Powell. The low light created shadows, accentuated the turquoise color of the water and the red rocks. I was also lucky to be facing Navajo Mountain attacked by a storm in the distance.

Lake Powell is a special place for my family and I, so I was glad to be able to capture these shots

Images by Seb - Website - Wedding, Fitness, Fashion, Portrait, Maternity, Commercial/Advertising & Fine Art Photographer in Scottsdale, AZ

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